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Many homeowners do not realize that they are responsible for the sewer lines that run from outside their home to the main connection. Unfortunately, these lines can fail due to age, tree root invasion, ground settling and more. The repairs can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars out-of-pocket. Left unattended, the leaking, clogged or broken sewer line may contaminate soil, damage personal property and your home’s foundation and poses a public health hazard.

The Service Line Warranties of Canada (SLWC) Sewer Line Warranty protects your wallet and your schedule. Should your sewer lateral need to be repaired, call the SLWC toll-free number to speak with an agent who will have a local, licensed, plumbing professional dispatched to your residence to make the repair within 24 hours. Repairs to your sewer lateral are covered up to $8,000 per repair occurrence, including public street and sidewalk cutting.

Check the Terms and Conditions to see your city’s specific coverage details.

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